"Get inspired to act against climate change."

What is Climate Heroes?

Climate Heroes is a multimedia storytelling platform: we produce documentaries about the women and men around the world who fight tirelessly to protect our environment and mitigate climate change.

Citizens, scientists, journalists, activists or entrepreneurs, the Climate Heroes work to protect the environment, elevate our knowledge about it and ultimately help reduce issues linked to climate change. 

By sharing their passion, stories and actions that bring actual solutions, we hope that we can provoke thought and foster change, thus inspiring others to join the movement and act for the planet.

Who are the Climate Heroes?

They come from all walks of life. From a local village activist to a globe-trotting scientist. A respected religious figure to a youth educator. All are different, but fight to preserve and improve the world around us.

They demonstrate positive impacts. The scale and relevance of these impacts in a local context is important, and so is their ability to inspire others.

The impact they achieve must be sustainable over time and have produced noticeable positive effects on their communities and surroundings.

They understand how climate change affects the environment around them as much as how they or their organisation may influence their environment.

Monk Dhammalangkaro: Waste recycling in Thailand

"We deserve a safe future. And we demand a safe future. Is that really too much to ask?"

- Greta Thunberg at the Global Climate Strike, New York

Meet the Heroes

The Climate Heroes are inspiring, passionate people who spread their knowledge, their issues and their voice on the one issue that is affecting all of us.

“To combat Climate Change we need to think globally, but act locally.”

— Dr Duong Van Ni, Vietnam

“Feeling this empathy with nature, and feeling this connection with it, gave us the energy to start acting, even modestly.”

— Charles Hervé-Gruyer, France

“If you harm the envrionment, your harm yourself.”

— Isatou Ceesay, Gambia

About the team

Climate Heroes was founded in Paris, France, by photographer, videographer and producer Max Riché with the core-team consisting of two Asia-based photographers and videographers Luke Duggleby and Nicolas Axelrod. And our videos are edited by Lester Olayer, a Bangkok based video editor.

Whilst the majority of Climate Heroes work is produced by the core team, we regularly team up with other contributors across the globe to produce new stories.

This network of affiliate storytellers include multi-media experts, editors, designers and journalists, and allows us to work in a huge variety of locations, on all continents.

Contact us

team (at) climateheroes.org

Our team is located around the world but we can be reached easily by email or social media. Just fill out this form to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Climate Heroes received the official COP 21 label issued by the Secretary General for COP21 and the French Ministry of Environment, for the Conference of Parties, or United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Paris in December 2015.