Grand Palais, Paris: Climate Heroes exhibition for COP21

2015 was an important year for the Climate Heroes project. As COP21 was held in Paris from November 30, to december 11, 2015, it also marked a turning point in the life of the project.

At the Grand Palais in Paris: showing the work accomplished over the course of 5 years

After 5 years of production all over the world, meeting amazing Climate Heroes and working together with photographers and journalists from many different countries, we were proud to receive the official COP21, Paris 2015 label in the fall. We were also selected to have a major exhibition in Grand Palais during one week. This would be the opportunity for the public to learn and get inspiration from the stories of the Climate Heroes.

The Grand Palais is a prestigious museum and exhibition space in Paris. Its nave is about 13,000 square meters in surface area. The Climate Heroes exhibition was presented on one side of the south nave, with 14 large panes, of 2.4 meters of height. This allowed printing the portraits of the Heroes very close to scale 1:1!


Bringing inspiration to change behaviours, sourced from all over the world

Over one week during COP21, the event welcomed about 40,000 visitors. We hope that one of our objectives (which was to bring inspiration to more of us about how to start acting to mitigate climate change) was reached thanks to this educational and artistic exhibition. The stories were also published in GEO France Magazine this December. It was a special issue dedicated to the environment, with 15 pages dedicated to Climate Heroes.

Many thanks again to all of those who made it possible, from the contributing photographers, writers, and directors, to the project scientific partners, and sponsors.

Below you can see a short video showing the exhibition at the Grand Palais, as well as a few photos:



Climate Heroes exhibtion at the Grand Palais Climate Heroes exhibtion at the Grand Palais Climate Heroes exhibtion at the Grand Palais Climate Heroes exhibtion at the Grand Palais