Climate Heroes now recruiting

The Climate Heroes Project is recruiting! Worldwide photographers and project producers needed

Climate Heroes is a photographic and educational essay aimed at the general public, which gathers portraits of women and men who can inspire us to relieve climate change. Whether they are citizens, scientists, public or industrial figures, they already started acting. Their example, far from being a moralistic flag waived under our nose, is here for us to get inspired!


Following its launch last year, two chapters of the project have been completed, in Indonesia and in Denmark (to see the pictures and the web-documentaries produced, please visit

The Climate Heroes project is now launching its second phase to take its full dimension. We are calling for your worldwide participation in order to make the Climate Heroes movement a genuine bottom-up, citizen initiative and fully participative. The goal is to create a citizen groundswell and document the stories of all the Climate Heroes in as many countries as possible!


Because we are working in teams, Climate Heroes is always recruiting, all over the world. So if you are a photographer, writer, filmmaker, project manager, producer or simply want to volunteer to help with the production of media in the field with our team, please do reach out!

Climate Heroes will also soon be calling for submission of stories from anyone of you: do you know a neighbor who is a Climate Hero? Speak up and send us her or his story! This is our time to step up and make your voice heard, this is not only a job for the politics or scientists.

We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Are you or do you know an environmentally- and climate-conscious person? Perhaps your neighbor, your boss, your friend or your wife is a Climate Hero? Has she already started acting by taking simple steps to improve our carbon footprint and mitigate climate change? Just submit a short story and a portrait that will appear on our website and be pinned on a world interactive map (soon available). For now you can already send us a story and a portrait at contact (at)
  • Are you a photographer, a website designer, community manager, producer, video editor? Do you want to have an impact by documenting the initiative of world citizens, scientists, media, politics or industry women and men to mitigate climate change? We are recruiting a volunteer production team all over the world to make the portrait (pictures+videos) of a series of Climate Heroes in many countries. Contact us at contact (at)
  • Do you want to intern with us? We are looking for two interns:
    • a Community Manager/Project Team recruiter who will be in charge of linking with all the photographers and volunteers on the project, and manage the team
    • a Crowdfunder responsible for conceiving, executing and updating the crowdfunding campaigns that will help produce each of the project stories, as well as establish long lasting relationships with project backers and partners
    • Positions can be based in Paris or elsewhere (we  then need to be in touch by Skype) and starting now for 4 to 6 months, so contact us at contact (at) if you’re interested!
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