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The Climate Heroes project joins the Tcktcktck.org alliance

The Climate Heroes project was created in August 2010. Since then, we have worked to show the amazing involvement and dedication of citizens, women and men, worldwide, who started acting to mitigate climage change. At their own level, they decided then needed to start acting. By their example we hope to inspire more of us […]

Thailand, David Against Goliath – Jintana Kaewkao

Becoming a full-time environmental activist was never part of the plan. For Jintana Kaewkao, a 50 year old mother of three from Thailand’s Prajuab kirikhan province, there was no need to be in her quiet coastal village. But in early 2000 all that changed. One of Thailand’s largest electricty company, Union Power Development Ltd Company, […]

Climate Heroes in the Gates Cambridge Magazine

We are proud to announce the publication of an article in the Gates Cambridge magazine, about the genesis of the Climate Heroes project! As a member of our network, the Gates Cambridge trust (related to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation based in Seattle and working hand in hand with

Climate Heroes now recruiting

The Climate Heroes Project is recruiting! Worldwide photographers and project producers needed Climate Heroes is a photographic and educational essay aimed at the general public, which gathers portraits of women and men who can inspire us to relieve climate change. Whether they are citizens, scientists, public or industrial figures, they already started acting. Their example, […]

Chapter 1 and 2 now complete

Following the completion of the first two chapters of the project, all portraits are now online! See the Portraits of former illegal loggers – Sumatra, Indonesia See the Portraits of the initiators of renewable energies – Samso, Denmark

Samsø, a Wind of Change

Soren, Brian and Erik are the intitiators of the Sustainable Island project in Samso, Denmark. They invested their time and money in making Samso a community fully based on renewable energies. Maxime Riché is back from a 10 day stay with them on the Island on Samso, to document their new lifestyle and beliefs. Photos […]

Sumatra, Giving Up Illegal Logging

Subari, Amir, Sryiadi and Mr Paryoto are former workers involved in the illegal deforestation of Sumatra. They chose to stop this activity. Today they are land owner, manager of a coffee and fruit farm, manual worker or Secretary of Village and coffee producer. Maxime Riché is back from a month in Sumatra, Indonesia, where he […]